LED T8 Tube (Standard 18W)

Our most popular product, the 18W LED tube* is a smart and efficient LED upgrade for fluorescent tubes. This product will provide adequate lighting for spaces with ceilings up to 12 ft.

The LED tube installs in minutes and your company will reap immediate savings in electricity costs, along with these advantages:

  • No ballast is required. Lower-voltage options with transformers are also available.
  • Long life (10+ years at 8 hours per day)
  • Solid-state high reliability design
  • Studies indicate that LED lighting is better for working or studying envionments.
  • Instant on to full brightness.
  • Consistent startup/performance in colder climates.
  • Operates much cooler than fluorescent tubes, which can save on HVAC costs.
  • "daylight" white (5000k)
  • No flickering, buzzing, hertz cycling or RF interference.
  • Operates well with sensors - friendly to constant on/off cycling - unlike fluorescent.
  • Contains no mercury.
  • Channeled aluminum heatsink for dissipation of heat.
  • ETL rated

Use our pop-up Calculator to quickly determine your savings and ROI.

Please note: Multiple power and length options are available for this product.

This product is available in additional lengths and color temps as well.

We also offer UL rated 4' LED tubes.
Simply contact us for more information.

*The product you receive may or may not appear exactly like the product photo. Our manufacturers are constantly upgrading/improving their products.

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