LED High Bay UFO / Flood

LED High Bay UFO / Flood



Optimum choice for gymnasiums, auditoriums, warehouses and any venue with high ceiling, long-throw lighting requirements. The LED High-Bay Lamp will efficiently replace and will upgrade any Mecury Vapor, Metal Halide (MH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS), High Intensity Discharge(HID), or Fluorescent Lamps

This product retrofits easily with little modification.*

This means that now in just minutes, you can now upgrade virtually any compatible fixture to LED at a reasonable cost and will reach your ROI target faster than any other market option.

This model is available with clear lens, and with either a 60, 90 or 120 degree output diffuser.

This is easily the best choice for schools, municipal or commercial entities looking to enter the LED market with the lowest possible investment. Perfect for upgrading your warehouse lighting to LED, especially when you require more light on the floor!

  LL UFO-100W LL UFO-150W LL UFO-200W LL UFO-240W
Wattage 100 150 200 240
Lumens 16,000 24,000 32,000 38,400
Height Recommendation <24' 16-36' 20-50' 30-60'

   All UFO High Bay lamps share these particular specs:

LampBase Beam Angle Input Voltage CCCT CRI  Efficiency Oper. Temp



Lifetime Warranty



60, 90, 120°



4000k 5000k


>90  >95% 10~40°C 65 >50K hours 3 years

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