• LED General Purpose Lamps

LED General Purpose Lamps

LED General Purpose Lamps with standard base, fits E26 or E27 socket and maintains our commercial grade IP rated quality throughout the series. These lamps are being used for walkway light, bollard retrofit, recessed cans, wallpack, and many solar energy projects, due to their low demand.

Available in the follwing wattages:

Model LL E27-10W LL E27-14W LL E27-18W LL E27-22W
Power (W) 10 14 18 22
Light Output (lm) 1,100 1,500 1,900 2,300
L x W (inch) / Weight (lb) 6 x 2.7 / 0.7 6 x 2.7 / 0.7 6.5 x 2.8 / 0.8 7.3 x 2.9 / 0.8


The LivingLED E27 series utilizes the highest quality Samsung LEDS exclusively. Samsung LEDs have now far surpassed the 
All of our E27 Standard Base Base LED lamps shares these particular specifications:

LampBase Beam Angle Input Voltage IP Rating Power Factor Efficiency Junction Temp THD Rating Lifetime Warranty
E26 / E27
85-277V IP64 >92 approx. 92% 60°C >83%

UL rated

>50K hours 2 years

*Current ballast or power supply must be removed/bypassed. External driver is included where required or necessary.

This line of products is being used heavily right now for walkway Bollard retrofit to LED.



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